About Our Communities

About Our Communities

See what it’s like to tour Downtown Brenham during the Christmas stroll.

Tour Downtown Brenham at Christmas: see Hermann Furniture, Brenham Brewery, Anatomy Boutique & Funky Art Cafe.


2016 Scarecrow Festival in beautiful downtown Chappell Hill.  A bird’s eye view thanks to John Deans from Central Texas Drones.

Washington County Fair is the oldest county fair in Texas, but this year we see it from a 21st Century perspective thanks to John Deans from Central Texas Drones.


Brenham’s Maifest Celebration

Best of Washington County


Best of Brenham

Washington, Texas – The Birthplace of Texas


Rick Perry Reviews TRUTH BBQ in Brenham, TX by Coldwell Banker Properties Unlimited

It's the little moments Life before and after the Washington County Flood

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